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One's Survival, PLtD
Dr. Letha 2:19 PM on October 23, 2011 (+0/-0)

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This is less of an RP, and more of the guidelines of life, as told by Prince Letha the Damned. May they aid someone in their struggle for survival.

Excerpt from One's Survival

There is no such thing as a practice battle. That is to imply that it is not a real battle. All fights are real, it is as simple as that. If a battle begins, one must win the battle, as they are meant to be won. To win a battle is to live the battle.
In order to win, you must use whatever tools, tricks, and abilities in your arsenal. There is no such thing as dirty fighting. If you can gain an advantage, it would be unwise to ignore it; simply put, if it is there, then you use it. What your enemy thinks about the tactics you use does not matter in the slightest, as they are your enemy. If they want to ignore the advantages that they have because they are not "moral" or "clean fighting", then they don't deserve to win at all.
Honor is nonexistant in battle. It does not matter if you fight a villager or a king, a battle is a battle. To fight is a risk of survival that you intend to win. If you have any other intention, you should not be in battle at all, at least by choice. When you fight, you have to mask all weaknesses, if any. To show weakness in battle is to sign your final will; showing weakness will reveal them to your enemy, and that enemy will do anything and everything to exploit your weaknesses as much as possible. Even the mightiest castle will fall if they leave the gate open.
In a fight, there are but two options: to win or to lose. If you have no intent of winning, then you will lose no matter what. No mercy is to be shown in battle ever. To show mercy is to show weakness, one that can be heavily exploited. Holding back power is pointless in every way imaginable. You fight to win, therefore you should go full-force into battle to ensure victory. The only power is the ability to kill. To inflict pain, damage, and death is the only power that mankind directly listens to and obeys. Showing mercy means that you are holding back the power to harm, the will to win the battle.
Battles are to be won, nothing more, nothing less. A battle is ended with but a single victor, a single survivor.

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